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“Gradually, smoking became my worst enemy. As I began to mature and find a new path for myself in life, I discovered the true meaning of joy, peace, healthy living and loving myself. None of it included smoking, and I began to hate the fact that I was addicted to cigarettes. I spent many days and many nights hating myself because I didn’t have the courage, willpower or discipline to stop smoking cigarettes. I watched my grandfather, who loved to smoke Camels, develop throat cancer. His smoking addiction left him with a hole in his throat. It was disgusting, yet that did not turn me away from smoking.
For over a decade, from 2003 to 2017, I told myself that I would stop smoking. It was always “tomorrow, tomorrow.” I never had the strength or motivation to quit smoking completely, though. “

“As I matured and found myself in more leadership positions and mentorship roles, my smoking addiction began to bother me even more. I was embarrassed
by the smell that followed me everywhere and of the amount of money I spent on cigarettes each day. During the last three years of my smoking addiction, I
was spending $7.00 each day on a pack of cigarettes. I couldn’t afford this lifestyle. I couldn’t afford to kill myself with cigarettes. My personal relationships were
destroyed because of my addiction, and long-lasting friendships began to break down because of my lack of self-control.”