“Wonder Why We Call You Queen”

Blackman Music Group, Inc.
King Blackman

The Song, The Music Video, The Movement part III

Wonder Why We Call You Queen (WWWCYQ) is the third installment in the Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI) Series of Hits. Wonder Why We Call You Queen changes the narrative and celebrates Black women as the “Queens” they are. For the past 30+ years, Black women have been referred to as “bitches” and “hoes” by rappers in their lyrics and music videos.

Enshrouded in masterful music production and laced with lyrics from some of the Circle of Brotherhood lyrical life-givers, Wonder Why We Call You Queen is an ode to the power of womanhood, unity, and a reckoning with the misunderstood and complex bond between our great ancestors, Tupac Amaru Shakur and C. Delores Tucker.

So almost 27 years later, Anthony “King” Blackman, CEO of Blackman Music Group, was inspired by Barbara Howard, longtime activist and one of the founding members of C. Delores Tucker’s nonprofit organization in Miami, the National Congress of Black Women, to create Wonder Why We Call You Queen.

“King” Blackman has dedicated his life to uplifting the Black community and eliminating the violence by encouraging Black men to accept their personal responsibility in protecting their families and communities, raising their children, and honoring their women. As part of his commitment, Blackman is an executive member of The Circle of Brotherhood, a group of dedicated Black men who even participated in a 21-day hunger strike to bring national attention to gun violence in Miami-Dade County.

Anthony “King” Blackman is the CEO of Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI). The company is a record label that specializes in marketing and branding its client’s products or services using the medium of hip-hop. “King Blackman” states “our company’s mission is to educate, inspire and entertain.”

(BMGI) is currently fundraising to build a Hip-Hop Peace Hub to teach and train youth audio engineering as well as conflict resolution. To donate click the link. https://www.facebook.com/donate/2580115192319096/2621364971527451/
Wonder Why We Call You Queen features members of The Circle of Brotherhood Bro. Heru (aka Bro. Cornelius) and his wife Anu, Ed Live, Sep (aka Bro. Mel), Andre Soul, Bro. Oliver, and recurrent (BMGI) collaborators POPP DA RIPPA (ICE Squad) & GMF HOLLYWOOD YOUR HINESS.

Produced by ACB Music, Junior0337, King Blackman
Mixed & Mastered by ACB Music
Music Video by EOC Films

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"Career In A Year"

G Dot Savage ft Ronnie Vop

Blackman Music Group

July 6, 2020 (MIAMI, FLORIDA) Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI) in partnership with Miami-Dade Technical Colleges (Miami-Dade Public Schools) premieres “Career in a Year” the new Hip-Hop single and smoking hot music video by G Dot Savage featuring Ronnie Vop. The song is creating awareness of the underutilized “Career in a Year” programs.

In a time when the common themes of hip-hop are sex, money, and murder. The Career in a Year single and music video are right on time. BMGI was contracted by the Miami-Dade Technical Colleges to promote and increase enrollment at their seven locations throughout Miami-Dade County. “The old way of getting an education is obsolete. Getting a four year degree with no job opportunities with double, sometimes triple digit loans on your back is a bad strategy. College isn’t for everyone.” said King Blackman.

King Blackman met young (No More Loses) artist G Dot Savage through the Circle of Brotherhood/Peacemakers program and saw a lot of himself in the young shogun. G Dot Savage is one of the hottest rappers in Miami’s streets and this project is a far cry from the music he’s used to making. “The collaboration is remarkable. Nobody believed Miami native G Dot could do something like this,” said Blackman. It’s a sign of how positive hip-hop can change the life of our youth. “I’m learning that education is the key” said G Dot Savage. “It means a lot to be doing a positive song.

”Like a young Marvin Gaye in his heyday; the young Miami native with a rich dream and golden voice, Ronnie Vop groomed by Diddy serenades a melody with lyrics pleading to high school students in every neighborhood to take personal responsibility for their future. “I’ve learned that we’re opening new doors to new beginnings for a new generation,” said Ronnie Vop.

Anthony “King” Blackman is the CEO/Owner of Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI) in Miami. The company’s mission is to “Educate, Inspire and Entertain.” The company specializes in music marketing and branding its clients products or services using the medium of hip-hop.

“Career in a Year” Producer by: ACB Music, Albert Bowens, King Blackman Music video by: South Diamond Productions.
“Career in a year” is streaming on all music platforms and the music video is available on Blackman Music Group YouTube channel.

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The Song, The Brotherhood, The Movement

Blackman Music Group

In a time when sex, money, and murder is the common theme blasted over public airwaves, communities are pimped by self-serving leadership, and Black history is a footnote talked about during the shortest month of the year; Blackman Music Group, Inc releases the song PeaceMakers, the title song for the movement to empower Black-men to solve their own communities problems.

King Blackman, the artist formerly known as Toc the Thug Scholar drops PeaceMakers, the second installment in a series of soul-stirring singles. The first hit was Still We Rise, an artistic tribute to the profound and untold historic legacy of Haiti; the country and its people. PeaceMakers is the sequel featuring a stellar cast of artists and real-life heroes. The Junior0337 produced single opens with the words of the Circle of Brotherhood’s (C.O.B.) Lead Organizer Leroy Jones and highlights verses from C.O.B. Executive Member and lyrical powerhouse G.M.F. Hollywood YourHiness, & at-Large C.O.B. member Popp tha Rippa of I.C.E. Squad Entertainment. PeaceMakers also features the angelic voice of Ms. Lovette. Blessing the track is also a sample and tribute to the world-renowned Peacemaker, the Hon. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The PeaceMakers song ushers the way for the PeaceMakers Movement spawned by the Circle of Brotherhood, Inc real-life PeaceMakers in South Florida who do extraordinary work in their community. A portion of the proceeds generated from the sells of this single will go towards much-needed funds to build a recording studio at the Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall Social and Economic Institute for children in embattled Liberty City neighborhood. King Blackman is also the Chairman of the Circle of Brotherhood’s Entertainment committee which under his guidance has given away over $12,000 in cash prizes over the last four years through the CoB’s Annual Back 2 School Talent Show.

On March 9, 2019, the same day as the release of the single ‘PeaceMakers’, King Blackman will join the (The Hunger 9) in a Hunger Strike to end Gun Violence and transform the lives of generations in Liberty City. “we’ve tried everything to end Gun Violence,” he says. “Ghandi, Cesar Chavez, Dick Gregory, all of them used hunger strikes to change their community. It’s our time to lay our lives on the line for change.” The PeaceMakers single and title is an adaptation from the New Testament of the Bible’s Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”.

Very few hear PeaceMakers and are not moved to re-evaluate their entire outlook for PeaceMakers is not just a single, it’s part of King Blackman’s personal testimony signaling a transition from a horrific childhood marred by physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse; gangs, drug addiction, prison, homelessness, and severe mental health issues. Through his musical journey he invites all to come find peace through the journey of self-improvement and self-expression with him. As the scripture that birthed the title says, to be qualified to be called a child of God. You must be a PeaceMaker. Peacemakers is available on all digital music outlets! Follow on IG & subscribe on YouTube @blackmanmusicgroup

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