4 thoughts on “FORM College Intern Application (2020)

  1. Hi! Myself Ahsan Raza doing MBA in HR. Am a facilitator and i am very excited to work in this company because the reason behind is that their main mission is to grow their society. I will be available for this internship between 8am to 1 pm according to new york time. and my position in this internship is “Business development Manager”. My whatsapp number is +923002147214.

  2. I want to have an internship where I can work collaboratively with a team to create art that I can use in a portfolio as well as develop artistic and communication skills that I can carry onwards in my professional life. I can work about 3 hours per week day. My schedule is flexible so time and hours can vary. I am very excited for this opportunity and I look forward to working with you.

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