For decades, Anthony Blackman has been creating music and working to uplift vulnerable communities and supporting vital entrepreneurial ventures. We are uniquely qualified to help you better connect with your audience through music.

Anthony “King” Blackman

Mr. Blackman is the CEO/Owner of Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI) in Miami.

Blackman is an entrepreneur, hip-hop artist, public speaker, and community activist. As an Executive Member of the Circle of Brotherhood and a member of the Hunger 9. Blackman was one of the nine activist who endured a 21 ½ day hunger strike in March 2019 to bring awareness to gun violence. These brief but significant attributes have naturally inspired me to become a voice to the voiceless and a beacon of hope to the hopeless. Blackman said, “I consider myself to be a passionate community activist with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals while identifying their potential.”

As Blackman's life unraveled, education became a continuous instrument of growth; from earning his GED at the age of 28 at Lindsey Hopkins Technical College and on to earning an Entrepreneur Certification at Miami-Dade College. He would later graduate with an Audio Engineer Certification from the SAE Institute Miami.

Blackman’s substantial music gift, faith, and personal charisma allowed him to rise quickly. In 2001 Anthony released his debut album The New Era. This album featured 11 year old Jason Derulo, who is now an International Popstar.

BMGI and Blackman were featured on the front page of the Miami Times after only being in business for 2 years. Blackman has also been featured in other publications such as: Music Industry Quarterly, ASCAP Magazine, Voyage Miami, Waking Giant, New Times and the Miami Herald.

Blackman is also active in Miami-Dade Public Schools with an impressive media campaign using radio, social media, and Hip-Hop music to reach the youth and those in underserved communities.

Since Hip-Hop music is the number one genre in the world we use it creatively to communicate and empower our people.

Blackman Music Group, Inc. (BMGI)

BMGI produced the Peacemaker single and filmed the music video to bring awareness to local and national gun violence issues in the Black community. We realized our high school students needed more career options. It was here BMGI emerged and developed a partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Miami-Dade Technical Colleges. After volunteering last summer to do a nine-high school tour highlighting technical college opportunities, BMGI secured its first contract with MDCPS. BMGI produced its "Career-in-a-Year" song and music video social media campaign. We also produced tri-lingual commercials in order to reach more students and the community at large.

BMGI is not your traditional record label enterprise. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain using music as the main vehicle for helping
our clients reach their life, career, and/or business marketing goals.

Creating music and working to uplift vulnerable communities everyday.